3-hr Guided Sunrise Downhill Tour

Start at the top of Keomuku Highway approximately 2000 ft above sea level and coast down the east side of the island while enjoying stunning views of Molokai across the Kalohi Channel and Maui just across the 'Au'au Channel.    Around halfway down this hill enjoy coffee and pastries as the sun rises up over Haleakala.  Once we've reached the bottom there is no need to pedal back up, just hitch a ride in our air conditioned vehicle to the Lana'i City look-out point.  Then bicycle down roads neatly lined with magnificent Cook pines into historic Lana'i City.  Explore the town's unique shops, restaurants, and cultural center before hopping back onto your bikes for the remaining part of the tour.  Start the 9-mile trek past old pineapple fields and the Lana'i City Airport finishing down at the island's big boat harbor - Kaumalapau.                       $180 per biker

8 am start time is set in online booking to accommodate riders coming over from Maui on the ferry.

Please make a note in the booking if you are staying on Lana'i and want to see the sunrise.

Start time will be 20 minutes before sunrise in Lana'i City.

2 Person minimum


Private Tours available upon request.  Please call to arrange.